Saturday, 26 May 2012

Week 5

The week started slowly with the looooong bus ride back to Kang. It was fairly boring apart from seeing a dead cow with its back doors well and truely smashed in, some Ostriches, a Eagle and what were potentially vultures! Me, Faye and Emma got home to find the door bust open .... I expected to find Esther dead and robbed but she had just lost the keys and had to bash the door down to get in. For some reason Esther was perfectly fine but me Faye and Emma were bricking it so barricaded ourselves inside behind two sofas and two logs.... we took one to bed with us to beat intruders with. It was super scary though so we left after about an hour of trying to sleep and stayed at a friends house instead.... 3 pieces of white meat in the bed! We had to miss work on tuesday aswell as we had to wait for the locks to be changed and new doors sorted out so nothing happened other than us waiting around all day.

Wednesday as usual was TXY day, we played with the kids for a bit and helped them sort out and serve the lunch. In the afternoon we had a meeting with the VDC to help re-build relations between the two groups.  Things are looking up with this part of our project as the VDC are prepared to work with TXY - we have to help them go over their accounts and get them in order then organise a list of what needs doing and the VDC are basically going to sort it out!

Thursday was a public holiday so yet again we had the day off! We spent the day organising our proposals for the following day and just chilling. Friday we did some actual work and went to Matsha to do some teaching. Its confirmed now that as of next week im getting my own history class :P ..... so I am getting on the geeking so I know what to do!

Over the weekend we basically only left the house for food. I had major swine and the girls had epic hangovers so we stayed in bed moaning. Its a bit boring but this week has been pretty slow with all the days off and I was ill so avoided doing anything other than work.

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